October 9, 2017

Meet Logan Bates:

"Everyone at CHKD made me feel that I could completely trust my child in their hands. From now on, every time I see someone in scrubs, I’ll know that I may well be looking at someone’s hero – like the people at CHKD are mine.” 5-year-old Logan was playing outside on a rope swing when a 10-pound tree branch came crashing down on the left side of his head. His mom, Tori, rushed to him expecting to see blood, but only found a small bump. She decided to take him to the emergency room just for good measure. On the way he lost consciousness and began vomiting and slurring his speech. After receiving a CT scan, the ER doctor gave Tori the news that the branch had fractured Logan’s skull and was causing bleeding in his brain. A CHKD transport was called to take Logan immediately to CHKD. Dr. Tye, a pediatric neurosurgeon at CHKD, was waiting when Logan arrived and diagnosed him with a fractured skull and an epidural hematoma. Without immediate care, the hematoma could cause brain damage or even death. Logan was taken into surgery right away to stop the bleeding and repair his skull. He spent four days in the hospital and more than a month recovering at home. As he healed, Logan suffered from mood swings, memory loss and he had to relearn skills like reading and writing. But because of Tori’s instincts to seek care and the timeliness of Logan’s treatment, Logan returned to kindergarten just five weeks after his accident and graduated to the first grade with the rest of his classmates.