Chrissy Teigen Reveals What Food She Eats for a Good Night's Sleep

January 21, 2020

Chrissy Teigen just revealed another amazing food hack.

Teigen shared on Twitter that she does indeed get cravings each night. On her page, at approximately at 3:35 a.m. (EST), she began talking about eggs.

“Each night before bed, as I eat my night eggs, if I’m not not [sic] on the Twitter, I catch up on my favorite subreddits,” Teigen said.

After writing the tweet, a fan asked Teigen, “Do the ‘night eggs’ actually work as a sleep aid? How many night eggs? Inquiring minds need to know.”

"I can’t sleep without being overly full. I take two hard boiled eggs to bed every night and eat them when I randomly wake up," Chrissy responded. "It used to be beef jerky but I’d wake up too puffy."

Another user asked the celebrity, “But what if u don’t randomly wake up in the middle of the night. Do you just eat them for breakfast????”

"I wake up for at least a half an hour like 4 times a night," Chrissy responded.

The conversation continued on Teigen’s Twitter page.

The mother of two regularly posts her culinary secrets on social media.
Back in December, she shared her recipe for cocoa, making fans and Lucky Charms lovers nostalgic with the special ingredient.

Teigen shared a clip preparing a simmering pot of hot cocoa with her daughter, Luna, captioning the post, “Wild night over here.”

She quickly revealed package of small colorful "cereal marshmallows" which look very similar to the green clovers, pink hearts, blue moons and yellow stars found in the popular General Mills cereal.

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