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The Hurrah Players present MOANA

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am still in dis-belief about Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the 7 other victims who passed away in the helipcoter crash yesterday. I can't imagine what those families are going thru. Tragic. Crushed. Awful. I thought it was a hoax... Read More

Do You Need an Anxiety Detox?

When we feel debilitating emotions come on we often go into a shell or even worse lash out at the world. How do we get free from these emotions? WELL START WITNESSING AND LISTENING TO YOUR BODY... CLICK HERE Read More
Staycation Norfolk

Staycation in Norfolk

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a nice long weekend ... back to work today, back to blogging and trying to stay warm. It is fr-fr-fr-freeeezing outside. On Saturday - I had a nice little staycation in Downtown Norfolk with my BF. He planned a little getaway - literally, a mile from our house. HA!... Read More