Is Beyonce in Labor? Twitter is Freaking Out!

By: Kelly Meyers

June 14, 2017

People are losing their minds because Beyoncé may or may not be in labor. 

If you thought the birth of Beyonce and Jay Z's first child, Blue Ivy Carter, was a big deal you haven't seen anything yet. The birth of the "Carter twins" may very well be the biggest celebrity birth ever. 

Beyoncé and her people were seen outside of an LA hospital and now rumors are flying that she's in labor. Plus, there are reports that the entire fifth floor of a Los Angeles area hospital had been cleared. Patients were moved to accommodate Bey and her "baby birthing entourage," according to some speculation. 

But wait, didn't we just learn on Monday that she had a $1.5 million custom maternity suite built into her rental home? So why would she be having the babies at the hospital? Well, she could be having a c-section.

Let's be clear: none of this has been confirmed. The Beyhive is, however, freaking out on Twitter about the rumors: 

While she may not be in labor right now, we do think it is coming very soon. We were never totally sure how far long Beyonce's pregnancy was, but it's widely assumed that she is due any day now.