Face Mask

How To Help Make Face Masks For Hospitals

April 15, 2020

So recently I stumbled upon this amazing local group on Facebook called “COVID-19 Sewing Taskforce for Hampton Roads”. These volunteers have created a fantastic system to create masks made of “Halyard H600 two-ply spun polypropylene” quickly and efficiently, and then donate them to local hospitals for healthcare workers!


Here’s how it works:

“Anybody and everybody can help. The team is divided into Cutters that cut the fabric (perfect for those that want to help but do not have sewing experience or access to a sewing machine), and Sew-ers that sew the material into masks (cotton fabric or Halyard H600). We work in 2 week "sprint" cycles. Sprints begin on Wednesdays. Halyard H600 material is donated by hospitals and distributed to the cutters. Cutters have 1 week to cut and return fabric in "packages", which is then distributed to sew-ers.”

My roomie and I already dropped off our first set (of course we’re cutters lol, my sewing skills are on par with a 12 year old who just got through Teen Living/Home Ec), and had a lot of fun doing it!

With the peak of Covid-19 quickly approaching, it's important our healthcare workers are supplied with all of the materials they may need, and this is an amazing way to help and show support to those who are risking their health and lives for us!


Click here for the Facebook group to get involved! https://www.facebook.com/groups/COVID19SewingTaskforce/announcements/

Official website: https://covid19maskforce.com/