Gift Wrapping

Sloppy Gift Wrapping is a Good Thing?!

December 17, 2019

For all of you that are hopeless at gift wrapping (and I'm right there with you), I have AMAZING NEWS: researchers at the University of Nevada found that, "when you receive a messily wrapped gift from a loved one, you get all the positive feelings and appreciate their effort rather than focusing as much on what's inside the box." Apparently, this works vice versa too, because the study also discovered that sometimes getting a Martha Stewart-esque wrapped present can actually downplay what’s inside.

"This happens because the neat wrapping sets higher expectations for the gift inside, which makes it harder for the gifts to live up to those expectations. When the gifts are unwrapped, the recipient is a bit disappointed whereas when it's wrapped sloppily, expectations are lower so the gift is more of a pleasant surprise," says Jessica Rixom, Ph.D., a co-author on the study. 


Who would've thought your messy gift wrapping skills could actually be a good thing?!


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