Facebook is Finally Removing The Poke Button

By: Kelly Meyers

July 17, 2017

Facebook is (finally) saying buh-bye to one of its creepier features. That's right, it is time to say goodbye to the poke option. 

If you'll recall this is the feature where it just left a notification for the user that you had "poked" them. Seriously, who came up with that in the first place? Why hasn't it been taken away sooner?

None of my friends, family, or coworkers ever poked me on Facebook. If they did, we would probably have to have a little chat.

Maybe it was the word poke that just made it worse. So the option to poke someone is going away, but it is being replaced. Soon when you visit someone's profile you will see a new option next to "add friend" that says "hello."

Hello is a normal way to greet someone, so what's the big deal? Apparently, it makes Facebook stalking harder to do because it's so easy to accidentally hit the "hello" button. Stalkers beware! Watch your fingers next time you're creeping on your phone. 

If you hit the Hello button and didn't mean to do it, there IS a way to undo it. You can just re-click the hello button before the other person has seen it. It will go away. Of course, if the person is on Facebook constantly, they may see it right away. If that happens -- oops! 

The "hello" option hasn't appeared on my Facebook page yet, but reports say it is being rolled out. So we should see it soon.