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Hey Ladies: Men Say These are the Five Biggest Turnoffs They See on Dating Apps

By: Kelly Meyers

January 9, 2018

More people sign up for online dating sites and apps in January than any other month of the year. The new year could mean new love before Valentine's Day, but could your profile filled with some of the biggest turnoffs? 

There's a dating or everyone and anyone with any specific interest. It could be a bit overwhelming if you're newly single and new to apps like Bumble and Tinder.

I always struggled with what to write in my dating profile. So I am about to help you tweak your profile so you get more matches or swipes. Metro did some research on things that really turn me off on women's dating profiles. 

Turnoff #5: Having too many over the top vacation selfies

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We get it. You like to travel and have seen some pretty incredible places. But you don't need to have these as every single one of your pictures. 

For what it's worth: Men tend to have photos like this on their profile on the top of the pinnacle of a mountain or with some large fish they just caught.

Turnoff #4: If your profile has spelling and grammar mistakes
Please make sure you spell check your profile before saving it. Also, run it through a grammar program like grammarly to go the extra mile. 

If you don't know the difference between your and you're, I'm not swiping right or responding to your message. 

Turnoff #3: Using Cliche phrases in your bio/profile
"I love taking long walks on the beach...." Ugh! You can check out a huge list of dating profile cliches from Buzzfeed here. You should probably avoid using ALL of those phrases. 

Turnoff #2: Using quotes/lyrics/poems as your profile
We get it: writing about yourselves can be hard, but using song lyrics just makes you look unoriginal and boring. 

Turnoff #1: Duck faces or profile pics using Snapchat or other filters in your photo.

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Men aren't stupid so don't think you're being crafty by using another app to make your skin look flawless. 

For what it's worth: I think that women are probably turned off when a guy has a photo that is super pixelated becuase they're trying to look younger. 

Of course, if you're struggling with your profile, you can always your friends to help you fill out your profile. Plus, they can help you determine which photos are best to use as well.

For even more tips, check out Metro.com's full story here. They have even more great tips that came directly from single guys that they surveyed.