P!nk Responds to Internet Trolls After National Anthem Performance

February 5, 2018

USA Today

P!nk performed the national anthem ahead of last night's game, and she did so while battling a nasty case of the flu.

We thought she killed, but apparently, other viewers were not as impressed as we were. In fact, one "Twitter troll" wrote that Pink's performance "sucked," and he said that anyone who liked her performance was “dumb.”

P!nk clapped back at the hater in the best way she could:

Good for you, P!nk!

If you missed P!nk's performance, you can watch it by clicking here.

There were also a ton of rumors about what the "What About Us" singer pulled out of her mouth moments before she started to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Well, that was just a cough drop, internet trolls. 

Of course, considering the fact that most people wouldn't even leave bed when they had the flu, this is pretty impressive.