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Justin Timberlake Reportedly In Talks for Super Bowl Halftime Show

By: Kelly Meyers

September 27, 2017

We are only 3 weeks into the NFL's 2017-18 season, and already there is talk that Justin Timberlake will be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime show. 

So now there's a new rumored performer, and we are ecstatic: 

US Weekly is reporting that Justin Timberlake is in the final stages of negotiating a deal to perform at the big game. Wait, wasn't it supposed to be Jay Z? Well, Jay allegedly turned down the chance to perform at the February 4th game. Though, there are rumors he could join Justin Timberlake at this year's show... so who knows.

Another source, by the way, says that JT will perform alone at this year's game. 

Justin is currently working on his next album so maybe it's coming out sooner than we all thought. 

Wasn't Justin banned from performing at the Super Bowl after Janet Jackson's "incident" in 2004? Not everyone is happy because he's been essentially given a free pass from the 2004 incident, but Janet hasn't been given the same "pass." Maybe he will bring Janet out as a guest and all will be forgiven for 2004.

The Super Bowl will be played in Minneapolis on Febraury 4.