LIST: The Most Awkward Halloween Costumes for 2017

By: Kelly Meyers

September 12, 2017

We just found a list of 50 costumes that are trending this year and some are a bit crazy! Here are some that stood out on the list to us:

1. Avocado Toast
I looked for a photo of the costume, but there isn't one out there. I think this is one you'd have to create yourself. This could also be a cute couple's costume with one person dressed as the avocado and the other the toast.

2. DIY Emoji Costumes
These can be as easy as just painting a face on a yellow t-shirt. You can make this a group cotume too!

3. Annabelle Doll costume from the Annabelle movie

4. The old Taylor Swift's
You know the ones from the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video.  This can be another amazing idea if you have a larger group of friends. 

5. A Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

6. Snapchat Filters
These could be super easy and would be work place appropriate too! 

Just make sure you consider your audience before choosing a costume. Will you be wearing it to work? 

Remember that just because you think that your idea is original and funny, that doesn't mean that others will. In fact, you should always ask a few friends before wearing something that's offensive and wrong. 

Every year we always see viral stories about people and their insensitive costumes. Don't be that person!