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List: These Are the Types of Men Who Most Likely to Cheat

By: Kelly Meyers

January 18, 2018

Which men are most likely to cheat on their signficant other?  Apparently, there's a list for that!

The New York Post compiled a list based on multiple studies done on cheaters over the years and came up with a list. 

So here are the guys that made the list:

  • Tall Men: And by tall, they mean 5'10" or taller. 
  • Men in the IT (information technology) field: I wonder if they are more likely to cheat because they know all the ways to cover their tracks and get away with it?
  • Men whose age ends in the number "9": They are about to hit another milestone birthday and sometimes this means a midlife crisis. People that are getting closer to these birthdays tend to stray. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, just saying! 

You can see the rest of the list from The New York Post here.

Are there any other types of men you would add to this list?