LOOK: Brad Pitt Is Looking Better Than Ever On GQ Cover

By: Kelly Meyers

May 3, 2017

It's been a crazy year for Brad Pitt. The 53-year-old actor and Angelina Jolie announced that they were splitting up last fall. The couple had been together for 12 years so it was a shock to all of us.

After all of the rumors, Brad is finally speaking out about what happened to "Brangelina." Check out how great and healthy he looks on the cover of GQ Magazine! 

Pitt said the split with Jolie was "self-inflicted." In fact, he seemed to take full responsibility for the marriage falling apart.

At the time of their split, there were a lot of rumors that Brad was violent with their children. Pitt was rumored to have an issue with substance abuse. Pitt told GQ that it's no longer an issue. He has quit drinking, and he believes he is becoming "a better man."

It seems like it's only onward and upward for Brad.