Bartenders Share the Six Weird Hangover Cures they've Heard

September 14, 2017

Everyone has their weird hangover cures. While science says just drink lots of water and sleep I personally think drinking a Ginger Ale & eating a Banana the day after a long night on the town helps my stomach & head.

I know my cure isn't too crazy but recently a bunch of bartenders shared six of the craziest Hangover Cures they've heard. Some of them are kind of extreme.

For instance one invloves chugging Gataorade instead of water....but mixing in some Horeradish. Another involves Shellfish broth and a hard-boiled egg. Or you can always rub lemons on your armpits before drinking because in Puerto Rico their is an urban legend that says this can prevent a hangover.

You can get the full list of cures below:

Which one would you try if you tried any of these?


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