Adam Sandler extends his deal with Netflix, Four More Films Coming

March 27, 2017

Despite "The Ridiculous 6" and "The Do-Over" getting only a 0% and 5% on Rotten Tomatos that didn't stop Netflix from signing Adam Sandler to another 4 film deal.

Sandler signed a 4 film contract with Netflix back in 2014 and still has two films left on that deal. His next film is set to debut in a couple weeks called "Sandy Wexler"

I personally might be one of the few Adam Sandler fans left in the world, I even stuck by his side despite "Jack & Jill" and will defend Pixels so I'm excited to see what Happy Madison Produces.

Are you excited for more Adam Sandler in your Netflix Cue or are you over Sandler? Let us know:


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Photo Cred: USA Today Images