Americans will eat 1.33 Billion Chicken Wings for the Big Game

January 26, 2017

When you think Football and food you automatically think of chips, pretzles and Chicken Wings. Well as we approach Super Bowl Sunday between New England and Atlanta the NCC (Natinal Chicken Councile) has estimated that here in America we will consume a total of 1.33 Billion Chicken Wings.

The numbers are actually up 2% or 30 Million wings from last years numbers and up 6.5% or 80 Million wings from 2015. Lets put this in perspective:

-If 1.33 Billion Wings were laid out and streched from Atlanta at the Georgia Dome to Gillette Stadium in New England it would be stretched almost 80 times.

-1.33 Billion Chicken Wings is enough to circle the Earth Three Times.

-Eating two wings per minute, it would take an NFL Player 1,265 years, 80 days, 7 hours and 12 minutes to eat 1.33 Billion Chicken Wings

I know I will be enjoying at least a dozen chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday myself. I have the place I will order my wings from all set in my phone and ready to go.

Where are you going to get your wings from for the big game?


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