Bachelor Finale, Can you Believe Nick Picked.....

March 14, 2017

The moment we all have been waiting for finally came and Nick Viall made his final pick.

The Bachelor finale was last night and Nick Viall had a choose between Vanessa and Raven. After both of the final two girls meeting the parents, they had their final dates and it was time for Nick to decide.

We saw Nick battling with his previous two public rejections on National T.V. and his worry about possibly striking out a third time which is when he finally came to his decision that has split the internet and shocked even me.

Nick Viall got down on one knee and asked Vanessa NOT RAVEN to marry him. After many tears Nick finallyl got the answer he has been looking for two times previously as she said "Yes"

Do you think Nick made the right decision and this will last?


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