Beauty & the Beast Meatball Movie Review

March 20, 2017

We all know this Tale as Old as Time, The Prince who was rude and cold that was turned into a Beast and needs to find True Love to reverse the curse before the final rose peddle falls. In the latest Disney Live Animation Film we see the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast told slightly different from the 1991 Animation.

Belle (Emma Watson) is the most well read and smartest girl in her village, she is desperate to escape and explore the world. She is also the perfect person to ironically be shackled in a magic castle filled with furniture that can talk like a teapot (Emma Thompson) or a singing candelabras (Ian McGregor), with a monstrous Beast (Dan Stevens) ruling the castle.

While we all remember the 1991 film well, (heck it is probably the VHS you wore out as a child from watching so many times) this latest adaptation takes the 80 minute cartoon that can almost feel rushed and uses all the charm and mood of the original to flesh out a more rounded story. Director Bill Condon (Mr. Holmes) decided that the live-action film is the perfect time to answer many questions you might have had regarding the original. "Why is it sunny and summer time at the start but cold and rainy fall a day later?" or "why did the servants to the Beast get turned into everyday household items?" or "Is every item a person or just some of them?" The film takes all the many questions we might have had and tries to give answers to them while spanning out the story of Belle and the Beast. The story takes its time to develope the relationship and gives the audience more time to grow and connect to the Beast and all its inhabiants that have been cursed with him.

Disney doesn't make remakes for the sake of remaking a film and Disney never does them exactly the same as before(which you should never do anyway), and after seeing Beauty and the Beast you will be grateful for that. Adding depth to characthers is never a bad thing but the balance has to be right. They took their time to craft this balancing act of adding depth and retelling certain moments or excluding them completely. But nothing is missing from the story that you love. In fact I'll say it again the depth provided gives the story more ground to work with.

This is one of the most visually striking films you might see this year and Luke Evans steals the show as Gaston.

The Cast is stellar and fit the roles perfectly, the songs are beautiful and well crafted with the coreography and amazing detail surrounding them, It is as faithful to the source material as it can be while adding a few little twists and turns here and there.

Wether you are a die-hard fan of the animated Disney Classic or not this is one that you and the family will enjoy. I gave this film 4 out of 5 Meatballs.

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