Ed Sheeran Cried On An Airplane

August 10, 2017


Ed Sheeran proves once again why he is the most loved artist today.

Recently he was doing an interview with Capital FM when he revealed that he cried on a plan 10,000ft in the air while watching Forrest Gump. He went on to explain that when you are on tour you are tired and a little emotional to start with but when watching Forrest Gump he started to cry at the end when Jenny died. He further explained he was also triggered to start crying because he was missing his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn and that part got him emotional.

You can check out the full interview below:


Seriously, Ed Sheeran is the most amazing artist around right now and can do no wrong even when crying at 10,000ft.


Twitter: @Wonderful_Radio

Photo Credit: USA Today