Falcons Owner plans to send Employees to the Super Bowl

January 24, 2017

In what seems to be a growing trend among Professional Team Owners the Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank plans to send all 500 employees of the team to Houston for the big game.


I remember a couple years ago the N.Y. Mets sent a set number of employees and their families to K.C. for two of the World Series games. Even last year the Panthers and Broncos sent employees to the big game. Now seeing Arthur Blank is planning to send everyone is a cool move that shows owners are starting to understand that everyone is a part of helping the team succeed. We are used to only knowing the people on the field, coaching staff and a few in the front office but we never hear about the Security Guard for the teams locker room who has done it for 20 plus years. Or even the ticket usher who has been doing his job for 40 years and every one in the building knows. Now these people will get a chance to celebrate the teams success and enjoy an experience only some of us could ever dream to be apart of.


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Photo Cred: Dreamstime