Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Meatball Movie Review

May 8, 2017

The Guardians are back and ready to save the Freaking Galaxy one more time....All though I didn't say Freaking.

Guardians of the Galaxy might be one of my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe films they have created. It might be my favorite comic book movie ever created. The first movie was filled with so much love seething out of the screen and dialouge from the characters and director Jame Gunn, it broke every mold we witnessed from Comic Book Films and I think helped create films like Deadpool and Logan by seeing you don't have to follow the MCU Model when creating a comic book film.

Still, even Guardians had to contend with the fact that it was entering a sequel in the MCU and Marvel films and it's sequels tend to have a certain mold to them. To the credit of director James Gunn he doesn't up the ante this time around. He does everything to keep the film on the same level of the first film even by repeating some of the best tricks from the first film but unlike other sequels that tend to go for Bigger and Louder, this time around the film dives more into characters and the plot. Much of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is spent with Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, Nebula and Yondu, and the story takes a backseat to them. It is a drastic move that at times hiccups the movie. Providing more time spent on the characters gives the film a longer run time than the first Guardians and while maybe they could have cut about 15 minutes from the film the characters are still having a blast and it is contagious in the theater. The film takes its time getting to where it needs to go. For many like myself you will enjoy the character depth and pace of the plot but some of you might wish they would get to the action quicker.

The Guardians have taken their success of defeating Ronan in the first film into a work-for-hire gig, and the beginning of the film we see the Guardians protecting an intergalactic power source from extradimensional monsters. They find themselves in trouble with the Sovereign who hired them to protect the power source and while being chased are saved in the nick of time by Ego who turns out to be Peter Quill's father.

You will figure out where the story is heading very quickly, which might be the only downside to Vol. 2 but Gunn is aware of this so he inserts laughs, passion and many character moments that will leave you with a bigger impression of your heros.

At its core this time around the film is about family as every member of the group is at a different place. Peter has his father issues now that Ego has found him, Gamora is still battling with her sister Nebula, Drax is more at peace from the last time we saw him thanks to this family of misfits, Rocket is dealing with his own issues of getting too close with people and Baby Groot...Well he is just too adorable!

This is a great sequel, filled with many laughs and memorable moments. You will enjoy every minute of this film because while it does have some flaws that the first one didn't have you can't not have a good time with all these characters that are having such a blast along the way. The soundtrack is amazing and I look forward to seeing what James Gunn pulls out for Vol. 3 when it comes to music and plot because a couple of the post credit scenes have hinted towards what Vol. 3 will be. Fyi they have 5 post credits scenes and maybe the best one involves Peter and Groot.

As far as Meatballs are concerned I give this film 4.5 out of 5 Meatballs.

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