High School Ends Grandmas Dream of Going to Her First Prom

March 30, 2017

In Alabama, a sweet teenager wanted to do something nice. His Grandmother never had a chance to attend prom growing up so he decided he would ask her to go in a nice promposal and Nanny said yes. The support was initially there and Nanna even got a new dress for the evening but then the High School's Principal decided that Grandma Could Not Attend the Prom.

The schools reason is because in the future other students might bring their grandmothers as a joke and also for student safety. You can see the schools full statement and story below:


The hashtag #LetNannyGoToProm has also started trending on social media as the story continues to gain attention.

Do you think Grandma should be allowed to attend the Prom or agree with the schools decision?


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