Mr. Wonderful Meatball Movie Review - LOGAN

March 3, 2017

The ninth film in the X-Men series Logan is a Gritty, Western Style Film, that is the most grown-up and elevates the superhero genre to new heights.

Comic book fans have been demanding the genre be taken serious and Logan does just that. In fact it is the most serious and people should know going in that this isn't like any of the other X-men films so far. Logan dives deep into sorrow, loss, loneliness and despair. It's full of brutal, gory and unforgiving violence. There are no real callbacks to the other films outside of Patrick Stewart returning to play Charles Xavier and a couple mentions here and there (Statue of Liberty anyone?). This might not scream superhero movie you are used to seeing but that is what Logan is. It is not the superhero film you have seen before but is the superhero film we needed. It is genunely different in a way that non of its previous films every dreamed or could prepare you for.

If this truly is the last time that Hugh Jackman is playing Wolvervine (which is something him and the studios have repeatedly said) then this is the perfect swan song. Jackman has never been more perfect in this role. The film is filled with powerful moments but dives deep into the ideas of grief and the choices he has made plus the tragedy experienced. 

Taking place in 2029, we haven't had a new mutant born in over 20 years. All that is left for Logan is his dusty hideout in Mexico where Logan is a chauffeur and taking care of Charles Xavier, now in his 90s and suffering from dimentia and memory loss. Logan is trying to stay off the radar but obviously violence manages to find him all the same.

The R rating in the film, while it gives you the chance to ramp up the violence and drop many many F-Bombs, the R rating allows them to explore the character in ways you never could with the restraints of PG-13. This gives Jackman the chance to do with Logan everything he has wanted to do and explore the depth of the character while showing off his incredible acting skills.

Logan is the culmination of everything Jackman and company have been working for. This dark, gritty and yet subdued movie isn't what audiences are expecting but what audiences deserve. Logan is an experience I look forward to having again and an experience you will look forward to experiencing more than once.

MEATBALLS: 4.5 out of 5 Meatballs

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