Super Bowl LI First Super Bowl OT Game

February 6, 2017

Super Bowl 51 is finally in the books and Tom Brady New England Patriots are once again Champions. Hate him or Love him the game that started off looking like a lopsided Atlanta Falcons victory took a quick turn in the second half seeing one of the most amazing finishes we have witnessed in Super Bowl History.

The game saw many firsts and records being set. For instance this is the first time the Super Bowl has ever been decided in OverTime. Not to mention that Tom Brady winning now makes him the only Quarterback to win the game five times, and his fourth MVP in the game puts him ahead of Joe Montana for most Super Bowl MVP's in NFL History. The Falcons blowing the game also means that Atlanta only has One Championship between all the sports franchises that call or have called Atlanta home.

History indeed is always made when a new Champion is crowned in sports but 2017 started with a bang. You can read more about last nights game below:


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