Tostitos Bags now know when you've been Drinking

January 26, 2017

The Big Game is less than two weeks away which means you probably have a Super Bowl Party or two to attend. Outside of the holidays this day is one of the busiest when it comes to drinking. This obviously means we are going to see some gimmick products coming out marketing to you just in time for the game.

Well Tostitos has found a way to win the 2017 market with a limited release bag of chips that can detect if you've been drinking. No joke, the future is now because the bag will come with sensors that can detect alcohol in your system or not. The bag of chips will also come with a $10 uber code so you can call an uber if you have been drinking.

I love the idea of trying to find a way to keep drunk drivers off the roads but can we really trust a bag of chips to determine how much we have had to drink. Either way, if you do drink next weekend during the big game like any other time Be Smart before getting on the road. You can read more about this below:

Are you going to get these for your Super Bowl Party or stick with the regular bag of chips?


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photo cred: DreamsTime