Wayne's World back in Theaters

January 20, 2017

Saturday Night Live has had couple sketches make the jump from small screen to the big screen. Only one movie though truly set the standard and was financially the biggest success of these films. No it wasn't "It's Pat" or "Stuart Saves his Family" but it was non other than Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar.

The sketch that involved two young adults who host a public access show from the basement of Wayne's House overshadowed all the success of SNL's first feature film Blues Brothers. It was the second sketch turned film and even as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Wayne's World this year it is still the highest grossing Saturday Night Live movie of all time. It brought in over $1 million dollars domestically compared to Blues Brothers that earned just under $60 thousand domestically.

So in celebration of the 25th Anniversary Paramount is planning a re-release in theaters to relive this classic. You are Worthy to see this film and Party On with Wayne and Garth one more time on the big screen. Before throwing on a little Bohemian Rhapsidy with your friends and heading to the theaters check out more involving the 25th Anniversary below and find the closet theater to you showing Waynes World.




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