This is why Chris Pratt Won't Take Photos with Fans

April 25, 2017

Chris Pratt has been every where over the last couple weeks between getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the press junket he is hitting up to promote Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 he recently sat down with "Cigar Aficionado," when he opened up about a lot but one highlight that is grabbing everyone's attention was that he doesn't like taking photos with fans.

He explained that he sees it usually as just an opportunity for them to brag about that moment later. He did say that he usually suggests a handshake instead, but people still take photos anyway. 

The full article will hit newstands on May 2nd, or You can read more about the highlights from the interview here:

Do you agree with him or think Celebrities should take pictures with fans?


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Photo Cred: USA Today Images