Ron Elkman, USA Today

MTV's 'Unplugged' Is Coming Back & Shawn Mendes Will Be the First Performer

By: Kelly Meyers

August 17, 2017

MTV is bringing back the iconic series Unplugged, and Shawn Mendes will appear on the first new episode. 

MTV's Unplugged aired on a regular basis from 1989-1999. The show featured an artist (or group) playing a combination of their hit songs and covers in a stripped down setting. Unplugged specials occassionally aired since the show ended in 1999.

Well, now the series is coming back (for real) this fall. Shawn Mendes will be the performer of the first episode, which will air on September 8. 

Mendes told Variety that he's been working hard to play the music in a "beautiful way" on the smaller, stripped down set of Unplugged. He went on to say that if he does "this right," it will be a moment where people can understand him better as a performer. 

There's no word on who else MTV has lined up to perform on the Unplugged reboot. However, Shawn Mendes definitely sounds like the perfect way to kick off the show.