Dude listening to headphones at work like I pretend I don't do.

I Bought Apple AirPod Pros And They Rule

Don't skimp on headphones, it's worth the price.

February 19, 2020


Finally posting my first blog on this site and I apologize in advance because this is going to sound like an advert. But it is not. It is, I dare say, sound advice.

Buy noise cancelling headphones.


I just bought a pair of the Apple AirPod Pro's and if you know anyone that has a pair you've probably heard them brag about how great they are. Well...they're right. These things are simply amazing. I've been running around the office shoving them in people's ears so they can experience the greatness. I've probably sold 5 pairs on Apple's behalf already.

The sound quality of these things alone almost makes the price tag worth it (y'all can look it up, I'm a little too embarrassed to say). I'm already going through my music listening to the most sonically satisfying tracks I can think of and it's like getting a fresh pair of ears.

But the beauty of these things is not in their ability to make noise, it's in their ability to create silence.

My office is conveniently located next to the kitchen and down the hall from the only restrooms in our building. Therefore, as is to be expected, people congregate outside of my office all the time. Chit-chatting, sharing weekend plans, business conquests and the like. And while I am not one to complain it can definitely be distracting. But what am I to do? Spend half my day telling people to pipe down? No. It's not their fault the kitchen, the main socializing area of most businesses, is right next to me.

Lo and behold: Noise. Cancelling. Technology.

These AirPods do such a great job at turning off external noise it's downright scary. St. Peter himself could be standing outside of my office doing a final boarding call for all those wishing to go to Heaven before the apocalypse starts and I won't be able to hear a thing. I will be sitting at my desk, doing research, hell bound and blissfully unaware.


Now, obviously that seems a little dangerous. Hearing stuff is ultimately a good thing. That's why they have a transparency mode too. Switch to that mode and the sounds of the Outer World will become instantly clear and understandable, all while sacrificing hardly any loss of audio quality.


I was on a plane this past Wednesday that came with 3 complimentary screaming babies. Such a treat. If I had these puppies in, I wouldn't have heard a sound. I can't wait to use these for meditating, working out (yeah I do that once or twice a year, ok?!) or strolling Chic's Beach.


There are some things I believe you should either buy nice or be prepared to buy twice. Things like mattresses, shoes, and now, freshly added to the list, noise cancelling headphones.


Whelp, this was a weird thing to do a first blog about. Have a great day!