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Surprisingly, Sunday Is the Best Day for a First Date

By: Kelly Meyers

October 23, 2017

Did you know that there is actually a day of the week you should be scheduling your first date? You’re probably inclined to think that Friday night would be the right answer. Well, think again.

It turns out that the best day of the week to schedule that first date is Sunday, according to a recent story from GQ

With so many people are taking to dating apps (like Tinder) to find someone dates seem to creep up when you don’t expect it these days. So many things can go wrong. Are their photos current photos or could they be using someone else's photos all together? Plus, the date could always wind being a complete disaster. 

That's why I am really having a hard time with this writer's opinion. For what it's worth: this doesn't seem to be based on any kind of "scienfitic research." It seems more like a personal opinion. 

The author says if you have a Sunday night date that you’re not competing with Friday night plans and you’re far enough from the “horrors” of the previous workweek. You’re more apt to be yourselves and you can talk about your interests instead of talking about the struggles at work. 

Plus, GQ says that scheduling a first date for Friday puts a lot of pressure and expectations on the date. You know: the bars are crowded and there are other social invitations (parties, work functions, etc.) to compete with on a Friday.

I guess they don’t see it my way that Sunday is my day to unwind and get ready for the upcoming work week.

Oddly enough, the aritcles makes zero mention of Saturday being a good option for that date. You can read GQ's take on the best date night here.