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WATCH: Man Partially Blinded by 1963 Eclipse Sends Warning

By: Kelly Meyers

August 18, 2017

If you don't know anything else about the eclipse, you have to know how to protect your eyes. 

In reality, the only time you can take off your protective eyewear to look at the sun is when the eclipse is at 100% in totality. Totality, of course, lasts for just a few seconds. 


An Oregon man, Louis Tomososki, watched the eclipse in 1963 and didn't protect his eyes. The total totality fell in Canada and Alaska, but he remembers looking up for just 20-seconds. By that night he had an issue with his right eye. He has never regained full vision in in his right eye. His cautionary tale should serve as a reminder about the importance of proecting your eyes on Monday. 


Tomosoki tells us all to "enjoy the eclipse," but reminds us "don't look directly at the sun." He says it's important to make sure your kids are safe too. 

Monday is going to be a huge event, but please be safe and protect your eyes and the eyes of little ones that may not know better.