Bring back the flip phone!

September 1, 2020
Iphone locked out



iphone issues

Hey guys! It's Woo Woo - hope everyone had a great weekend. They seem to be flying by these days, and now it's September 1. I am always trying harder everyday to be more organized - from my closet, to my pantry, to my email inbox and alllll my devices. So over the weekend I tried to clear out some space on the iPhone and update some apps. Much to my dissapointment - my account was disabled. What the whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Itunes and App store disabled. Grrrrr. And did you know the Apple stores at both malls are closed?! This made me wish even more that we could return to the good ol days ... when we all had Motorola flip phones or TMobile sSidekicks. HA! Remember that? Anyhoo - just got off phone with Blake from Apple support. He was a HUGE help & walked me thru the issue - which was a case of fraudulent activity due to the face that my children had tried to make numerous charges on Roblox. Yeh - gonna have a chat with those 2 monkeys later. All is fixed for now - but I still miss my flip phone. No apps. No pics. Only good ol' fashion phone calls and the occasional text.


Have a great 1st day of September!