The Day I Almost Killed My Boyfriend's Dog

January 8, 2020
WooWoo Kids

Hey Guys! It's Woo Woo ... obviously. HA! Long time - no talk. Hope all is well. Happy New Year! 2020!!! WOO HOO!!

So this morning you might have heard me tell the story about how I almost killed Butt Doctor's dog yesterday. For those of you that are new, the Butt Doctor is my amazing boyfriend Dan. HI DAN! Mike calls him the BD because he is a gastroenterologist.  Anyhoo - yesterday after work we had a staff meeting and it was catered. Tables of fresh fruit, pastries, bagel sandwiches and some really massive muffins. Blueberry, Apple, and Chocolate. Not liking to see food wasted, I took home LOTS of fruit and ONE MASSIVE CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN! It was HUGE. All from this new place in VB called HARVEST. Check them out!

OK - get to the story Woo. See, brain is like a pinball machine. HA! So I take the fruit and muffin to Dan's house. Put fruit in fridge, muffin on counter and I left. Dan was at work, his 2 daughters at school. Daughter 2 returns home later in day and let's dog out of crate. Daughter 2 goes about her afternoon, goes upstairs, gets ready for job. Daughter 2 leaves for said job with dog. Job is at a local Indoor Doggy Playground. Dog vomits 5 times at job. Daughter 2 calls Dan and asks him to come get dog. We all wonder - why is this dog sick all of a sudden?! What could she have eaten? OH MY GOD THE MUFFIN!!

Yep, the dog ate the muffin. Daughter 2 never saw the muffin on counter. And I feel horrible! Dog jumped up and swallowed that thing whole I bet. Good news, dog is still alive. Bad news, no one got to enjoy the muffin. I am off to HARVEST now to purchase more muffins and hide them on the roof so the dog doesn't eat them. Again.