Double Date Night with Mike Powers and WooWoo

Double Date Night

January 29, 2020
Happy Hour Double Date Night

HAPPY HUMPDAY! Last night was our Double Date Night. Mike Powers, his gorgeous wife Heather, myself and Dan went to see "Waitress: The Musical" at Chrysler Hall. First of all - the show was AMAZING! Super entertaining, beauitfuly written songs from Sara Bareilles and a dynamite cast who had an electrifiying chemistry on stage. It was funny, it was uplifting, it was sexy ... yeh, pie can be S E X Y and it was just very entertaining and I definitely recommend you go before it leaves town. CLICK HERE for tickets

Before the show we hit up LEONE'S on Granby Street for some drinks and apps. Happy Hour was insane! $6 Cosmos, $5 Apps ... good conversation, nice bartender and a great way to get the night started. Thanks for hanging with us Mike and Heather!!

Here's some pics from the night - and yes, that is a bag filled with candy that my GF Kelly brought it. Delish! I haven't had Mike & Ikes in a loooooong time!

Date Night

Date Night

Talk later!