Please HELP find the driver of this fatal Hit & Run!

Hit and Run Hampton

August 28, 2020
Hit and Run Help

Hey guys! It's Friday and I know we should all be in a celebratory mood - ready for the weekend, time with family, friends, have some good food and drinks. And I plan on doing that too - but 1st I need your help. A childhood friend of mine (literally friends since 3rd grade!) was hit and killed while riding her bike Wednesday night in Hampton over the .Mellen Street Bridge. Her name was Kelly Respess. It breaks my heart to even type that ... my sister called me yesterday and said she saw something on Facebook about Kelly. I thought it was a hoax, a rumor, not true. Sadly - it is. Kelly was a mom to a young daughter and the person who hit her drove off. Drove away. Left her on the side of the road. The Hampton PD is investigating and they have a description of the car - a 2006-2012 silver Mercedes SUV. Here is a link to the story from 13 News Now. Please pray for her family. And please help solve this case - if you own a body shop and someone comes in with damage to their car, or you live around there and saw something or see a car that fits the description. Kelly did not deserve this. She was the happiest, kindest, most giving person. A true friend. And a MOM. She did not deserve this. Please help. Thanks.