Labor Day Weekend Plans

September 2, 2020
Woo and Kids

Hey ya'll! It's Woo Woo - and it's Wednesday - and Wine starts with a W so that's a W-I-N! HA HA! This weekend is Labor Day weekend, usually it means the last weekend with the kids before they go back to school - and back to all the homework, the projects, the sports, the driving, the practices etc. We take this weekend as a family to connect and spend time together. I usually take my kids to the beach or the pool but this weekend we are headed to - THE MOUNTAINS! Woo Hoo! I am really excited to visit Charlottesville with Maggie and Myles. We are staying with friends who live around the Nellysford area (I think that is what it's called!) and we have plans to hike, maybe do some CrabTree Falls? Maybe hit up a winery or a brewery? Crozet Pizza is definitely on the list though. I love that pizza! If you have any tips or fun ideas/things to do with the kids, let me know. I would love to hear from you! MKWOOD83@GMAIL.COM I realize that is my personal email, but sometimes my SPAM filter at work won't notify me when ya'll send me a message.


Stay safe! Wear your mask! Wash your hands! And remember ... to get thru "these un-certain times" it is all about PATIENCE and FLEXIBILITY.

Talk soon.