We tried a NEW Ice Cream shop & it was delicious!

Gerald's Ice Cream in Virginia Beach

August 24, 2020
Gerald's Ice Cream

Hey Guys! It's me - Woo Woo. How are you? How are your kiddos and your families? This has been the longest Spring Break ever right?! That is what it feels like ... or sometimes my BF Dan describes the pandemic as "the longest snow day ever"!! I can't believe how long the kids have been out of school, and now we are faced with the fact that they will NOT be returning in the Fall, if at all. I have been filling the days with work, taking the kids to the pool or the beach and trying to figure out how the hell to pass the time. Because there is A LOT of time!!! On Saturday I took the kids to a new ice cream place in VB called Gerald's Ice Cream Bar. The place was awesome!!! The ice cream flavors are over the top, with a variety of toppings and cones. They even make ice cream cake!! Cookies and Cream was 2 THUMBS UP for Maggie and Myles!!

Gerald's Ice Cream Bar

Gerald's Ice Cream

If you need a fun, family outing - I definitely suggest you check them out!