What do I wear to a Mardi Gras party?

February 20, 2020
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THURSDAY ... one day closer to the weekend. WOO HOO! Big questions right now . . . Is it going to snow? Are the kids going to be in school tomorrow? How many inches? Do I have bread? How long are the grocery store lines? DO.WE.HAVE.ENOUGH.WINE?! HA HA! I know where I'm going after work today. See ya at Harris Teeter. Once the snow moves out, and I hope it does - because I am hosting an event Saturday night in Suffolk. You going? It's a Mardi Gras themed event for the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. Gonna be lots of fun! My mom, dad and Dan are all going. What do you wear to a Mardi Gras themed party? Send me some ideas WooWoo@POINTRADIO.COM ... black dress and beads is about all I have at the moment. Open to ideas!