A trip to NYC to see Tina Turner

February 19, 2020
Tina Turner Broadway

HEY GUYS! Happy Wednesday ... even though it feels like a Tuesday. Hope you all had a nice, long, relaxing President's Day weekend. Dan and I went to NYC over the weekend with some friends & we got to see one of my childhood friends on Broadway. Adrienne Warren - who went to Western Branch High School, also attended the Governor's School for the Arts and was in many Hurrah Players productions as a child. Well now she is starring on Broadway in the musical "TINA" and yes - she plays TINA FRICKIN TURNER!! It was to say the least, incredible. The singing! The dancing! The acting! She is a superstar and it was so moving to see her up on stage living out her dream. After the show, we got to go Backstage and hang in her dressing room for a bit. If you are planning a trip to NYC & not sure what show to see, get your tickets for TINA! She is going to win a TONY Award for this performance. So proud of you AW! Follow along on her Instagram page too ... she is adorable! 

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Tina NYC Woo

Tina NYC