Woo Woo Takes SITW

How Her WOOness Got Down During the Incredible Weekend

May 1, 2019

Hey Guys! It's Woo Woo and we are BACK TO BLOGGING! 

It's May 1st and we're kick off the 1st of the month in the best way we can. And for my 1st blog (in a loooong time!) I think it is only fitting to re-cap this past weekend's AMAZING "Something in the Water Festival". For those of you that were there - you know what I mean when I say the energy at the Oceanfront was infectious. It was all love all day. Non stop smiles, happy energy, enthusiasm, etc. Even when Friday night got cancelled because of the weather, there was nothing but total understanding. Nobody was pissed. No one got angry, or went on a social media rant. It was like - "OK, cool. Bad weather. We're already at the beach, we will come back Saturday and hear some music." And that's what we did. We came back Saturday. Skateboard P brought out JAYZ, the sun shined and the Orange Crushes were consumed.

I had the BEST WEEKEND EVER! Here are some pics from my iPhone ... and I wanted to share the direct quote I posted Sunday night on my Instagram (follow me @WooWoo_949).

Thanks for reading!!



"Happiness. Friendship. Love. Fashion. Music. Friends. Positivity. Respect. Kindness. Originality. Creativity. It was all there this weekend, and I can’t wait for more. Thank You @pharrell and friends (yeh, JayZ was there - that’s cool) but beyond that Pharrell brought us all together. We were safe. We were loved. We might have consumed a lot of Orange Crushes ... but dammit it was good time. #sitwfest @somethinginthewater"