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Friday, June 16th


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Yeah. Four point nine. Billion minutes of nonstop music every doubt. Three things you did. I'm number two and number three. All our congratulations. To the class of 2017. And congratulations. That this guy to my immediate right. No left on your radio dial Louie got a special guest opinion yeah. He's still big shout out to Hayden Anderson he is live in studio with us yesterday now he is that teenager you all about it. Smith locally is then made national news because of the senior prank that happened over at all in high school my. In this seniors toilet papered it solid yes they got in trouble well I should say what I'm gotten struggled yeah. And this toll could mock graduation yesterday good morning hated how are you know. What's up man and a microphone right there and got. It's been a great morning a walk yesterday is great feeling the all. But some of the much loved it was awesome well. Glad that I walked and and that's in my frenzy that's great man hand I hate you welcome. The go probably the biggest shot out on dull actually blew it out of the water all. You're guys FaceBook whose views blew up liberty. Whose contact Miller all mice that Chad's faced suddenly they're urge on the radio that's awesome they are sadly and home knew it was great it was a great feeling to see that all the sport I've gotten from everybody. Let's say you have to block yesterday with your friends that graduation and your honor student to that's incredible yes I. About most of my friends who were involved with this. Or we're all other students honor students how these sick people get who have scholarships Ramos completely asked mostly is when he kids were. Either going to play sports or the go until we account. So the principal comes up do you write and he says. And now I need those names and I'll set you free and you said no I'm not Iraq right it's. Okay. Check out what it rattle my close friends I've know these guys not not just from. Just freshman year I've known these guys from grand a middle school I mean I've learned some from from even cerebellum which got no room. I'm most my life and you know these guys have been my best friends live amid reasonably ask this religions there's only but we're family was never done that. And even though when your friends here in studio with us to neck is also sitting with you and you when your friends at the principal wouldn't have let. Kate and walk across the stage yesterday yelled we're gonna boycott graduate shouldn't. Yes ma'am. We're gonna boycott by likes staying in our seats on the stage while. That's pretty cool you guys are tight knit group I'd. I'm back to high school in different I like I and I sort of put this out there as well because we we talked to hate in great lanes. He out was willing to clean up the mess he made it and die he apologized to pretty much everybody all the janitors everybody involved. And and it's a good thing an analyst and he gonna do a senior prank. Be responsible for it kids and maybe you know maybe help clean up afterwards and that's what he offered to do and I'm glad it all worked out. I'm glad it worked out the principal and you're the principal are cool now right. Smear smear the president have always been club always respected him as a great man. All home. Medium I have been friends for about since he came school loves his job and is due to man one I'll ask those dudes you mean what aren't named Panama but gravel. So doctor Abdullah. Sounds are very intense of the mad scientist. Doctor Abdullah. He's in the end of the day he's a great deal could do it all worked out these kids it all works out at the end of you can't have champagne they're under age saw. A little bit now and time and congratulations on on everything we. So you're like toilet paper yeah. PL yes we also got a nice graduation cage you can take that Helmand have no reason to your friend Ryan Grant rank under this is really cool you know what I have to say to your mother is adorable on FaceBook because. That's the other thing your parents really weren't managing for doing the senior prank. I know there are on the idea of big shout to my mom and dad eleven death on. They they've been by my side longer term set my dads taught me the ways of how it's all paper any. Is a how to do everything and how to be respectful life. And all AC gives something extra this Sunday then okay hopefully they should take care follows. Absolutely and hey you seem like a really good kid man is not to get to know you are now well I'll have a little graduation party thank you for joining us lemon FaceBook thank you for joining us live on the radio. And best of luck in your future us among young man wow not a kid anymore those kind of grow up and stuff toilet paper and and they're coming up next on employing.