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Blaine Stewart

Blaine Stewart loves naps. Seriously. Sleeping is his FAVORITE thing to do. It makes sense, since Blaine wakes up way before most everyone else in Hampton Roads to anchor the morning news on WTKR News 3. He’s on TV from 4:30–9:00 every morning, where he’s helped people start their day for more than a dozen years. His first love, however, is radio. That’s how Blaine got his start in broadcasting, at some of his hometown stations in New Orleans, back when he was much younger and slightly cooler.

Blaine is a huge fan of good food, strong drinks, and the best football team ever created, the New Orleans Saints. When he’s not on TV or the radio (or napping), you’ll probably find Blaine on a spontaneous road trip, spending way too much money at Target, or binge watching and quoting his favorite TV shows: The Office and Letterkenny.