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Where are you from: Va Beach, VA – Born and raised, baby!


Favorite Food(s): when you love food as much as I do, this question will make your head hurt. But tacos are definitely up there. I love sweets, too. So anything chocolate and bad for me.


Favorite Beverage: Water………oh who am I kidding? It’s White Claw.


If I wasn’t in radio I would be: an actress, nurse, or anything involved with helping/saving animals/people.


Favorite Sport and Sports Team: Football – #FlyEaglesFly


Favorite Weird Smell(s): I love the chemical smell inside nail salons, and the smell that hits you as soon as you walk into any clothing store.


Favorite Movie(s): There are WAY too many to name lol. But I’m a huge Harry Potter geek and I LOVE Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.


Favorite TV Show(s): I love old TV shows like Cheers and Frasier, but I also love The Office, The Middle, Stranger Things, YOU, and anything that can keep my interest past the first episode. OH, and don’t get me started on my GOLDEN GIRLS.


Favorite Words/Phrases: I think I use the phrases “at the end of the day” and “long story short” a little too often.


Pets: One cat, Nova. My sweet girl.


Favorite Artist: This isn’t even a fair question to ask a radio DJ. But I’m a pretty big Evanescence fan.


Least favorite word or phrase: “BELIEVE YOU ME…” Unless your name is Yoda, don’t use words out of order.


Best Restaurant: These are tough questions. Not exactly a “restaurant” per say, but Pico Taqueria in Chincoteague, Virginia. It’s 2 hours away but worth every single second for the BEST TACOS ON PLANET EARTH. I don’t care where you THINK you’ve had amazing tacos – you’ve never had these. UNREAL, and easily the best tacos I’ve ever had.


Stupidest thing I’ve ever done: Minus my dating life lol? It’s a toss-up between dying my hair black, or the time I accidentally took NyQuil instead of DayQuil before coming to work.


When I’m not working I like to: Eat and take naps. I’m pretty much the total package.

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