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Slightly was born in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina to a military family, way back when in August of 1987. As an Army brat, he moved from North Carolina to Maryland to New Mexico to New Jersey before finally landing in Yorktown, VA at age 12. He is a graduate of York High School and has since moved about Hampton Roads, and has developed a true love for the very diverse region. He is also a bona fide ginger, and probably has sunscreen on him if you need it.
His music taste varies from Kanye to Taylor Swift to Death Cab For Cutie to Muse to A Tribe Called Quest and back to Kanye. His favorite food is a nice, medium rare, aged porterhouse steak. His beverage of choice is bourbon and ginger ale. He has two pups named Jackson and Hank, and a ginger cat named Gus. He plays guitar, enjoys gardening, concerts, baseball games, collecting vinyl and reading actual books printed on actual paper. He touched a soccer ball once, decided it wasn’t for him, and gave up playing sports all together. His favorite sports teams are the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Phillies. Slightly has also once rode a live elephant.
Slightly has been an active member of Hampton Roads radio since 2007, when he got an internship at WROX. During his time in radio he has worked in almost every department of the industry. He has been a club and wedding DJ for going on 5 years and loves to make party. He is the Ginger Gronk of Hampton Roads, minus the height and footballing abilities. He got started with Entercom in the promotions department in August of 2015 and is very excited to be part of a well-established team and looks forward to bringing great radio to the people of Tidewater.

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