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Monday, April 24th


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It is the end of an era Starbucks unicorn is graphic scene does officially where it stinks yesterday they ran Wednesday through Sunday. A lot of stores ran out of the Starbucks uniform traffic you know an AD ha ha but this morning Reebok is reporting that if you were one of the few got to taste one of these. It would take 75 sit ups you'd have to skip rope a hundred times and do fifty bird bees to burn enough calories to burn off that traffic CNET. You really liked the travertine RA. It it was sweet I mean it's not something you would have every day and night streets but say a lot there's one person here in the universe okay. Who is so happy to cappuccinos gone. His name is Rick TV unicorn is well the last unicorn on the planet woo woo and he's on the homeless right now. Hello Ricky how are you. However I don't powers of her letter alluded to this you can unicorn just part of the day I had to go. Happy that he took a savage you know it is done in bad bad because blew it sure. And they need and how do and. Hello hey boo. He's gone moon he hung up and we can have a Mac comes on Ricky I just kind of did he telephone with his close or his whole Arnold combined. Out courses horny does everything it is hard. And by the way let it be known kids that you records are indeed real and remember we heard one on your uncle Michael and get antsy woo woo as a radio show on 94 point nine. And.