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Tuesday, June 7th

For National VCR Day we call WooWoo's mom Peggy to get her thoughts on the VHS Tape

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Common taught us these are I I'm not do whatever else she wants tiger to your real thoughts with Peggy. Young. Hello hey Aggie. Com Michael Carrick has acknowledged. Okay Michael. Honey I'm meg gonna bet. Cadillac. And I'm taken some time to act to protect enactment what did bush say. What's that other different consignment shop. How much did you macros then I don't panic I mean they're out there have held on to them for too long. No I don't know you tell them who you law are kind of be like okay. Is there an outright asset that we have it here right now he's closed must be hot button it up all right well YouTube. Can't dress like Mickey. And if you go up to second act today and school are all of this week blouses that she'll be bringing up to that consignment shop today. Palin as his something really quick hits on national VCR day you still have Peggy correct me if I'm wrong a VCR it. Yeah that's so cool and you use it like on the regular right now and are you at all are not anymore. A Marriott Marriott where I thought mr. excitement your husband records like all those court shows like deluxe. I get pregnant the DC. Oh click that and can't get all mixed up wouldn't have like a few minute tape from some place and you put it in the machine is out of me Fiat. And that's. Stores have gone out of business. Are Yemeni blockbusters closing when bank rapidly years ago. He did that not narrowed very adept. It's called the bad box. Yeah they don't have actual. Easy putts days in the right box begging me have a bad. Well not hundred yeah I remember him up I don't know. Red box at the heart. But certainly bright moon. Yet now they have movies but then these things called DVD's. Now. Well TV days days. How do you play a dvd on your hound TV show. Yeah. I did. Tomorrow I'll take people what you do is you buy this thing called a dvd player. Yes and they have a Blu-ray dvd players now you look at the picture it's crystal clear in your I have to mess with attracting. You have is no squiggly lines running through your movies anymore now learning. They're. I VCR. You study everyday that now Brett and maybe upgrade to dvd player maybe. How we know what to get Christmas this year. A movie you want from the VA just don't want that I want to Ortega had an active part of it gee you know a lot. But that you've got a better shot of that taping the masses and you VCR. I'm. And that's getting you those tickets ever money but today I where I yacht.