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Tuesday, June 13th


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Finally this morning at the hash tags free Hayden is trending threw out Hampton roads and because that senior solid high school Hayden hander Stanton and keep key to this school with his fellow students and now they've suspended him and won't let him graduate. Yeah any kind of stinks that feel bad for the kid because they want their rat all of his friends out which is essentially the whole senior class. And he won't do it so well we've been trying to get in contact with a mall morning and this is a wonderful duck hooked it up Palin are you on the phone. I heard. Would we want you to graduate this is ridiculous. Yes it is and I visions of months. I admit to doing these senior prank toilet papering the school I'd there was a bunch your friends it dated along wit you and now. They want you to rat out. Out your friends do I have that right. Of course it's my friends. The book it is pretty. So he had a setting I. An example with you but meanwhile the senior class participated in it. What is amounting to about this whole thing like you see you know I she met the college high schoolers like have they are waiting not a decision all of. It admitted their decision but it might well. What started out you'll unlock that personally checked. Like they're really lets you graduate can't let you walk across the stage and he never been in trouble with the school board you know arrested by police ever. Good or bad I. I like everybody just abandon all it for all the teachers tutors students. Wow well I got the most popular kids only get on the phone wrong you are the exact more. And high school I want was looted your book that are used your book. That the split it. You haven't dis respected him up and blocks you I hated it feels like to come to the point studio. One day this week will be how. Happy to throw graduation party for you in studio and all of Hampton roads can hear you graduate on the air. That children are so. Well that they don't want that particular political. Now how well let's. We'll let you plans when you know after telling high school weighed on a college. Go to C. Or Obama olive. And it's all good luck man and I wanted Tidewater country club too and look how I had dinner yeah. Great thanks hey can no longer all right one of OCD yours hanging hook that up then we'll we'll keep you updated on this story here locally. Yeah I hope Palin gets to graduate sounds like a greet him.