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Friday, June 30th


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I. The. You ask what's going on everybody and mr. wonderful has an I would give them my towers and show. To have cars that are mr. wonderful meatball movie review podcast. Talking movies and talking at the top ten films of 2017. So far BK's. Today June 30 as we record this podcast we are officially six months due 2017. Which means we're. Half way through the year. I know it's hard to believe that rarity halfway through the year but we are. Which means it's time the breakdown of Hollywood and the movies that you have seen the movies I have seen the movies that we all have bingo and out to see. And elections dug into elicited a 2017 films. So our top ten list according to mr. wonderful in the first ever meatball movie review podcast coming in at number ten. Is Ridley Scott's alien covenant. I did enjoy this film it's a nice sequel to meet he is I think it does a good job as well as bringing from BP is into the alien franchise. It's a cool prequel. I'm a big fan of the alien films as well so like I surely enjoyed this movie I had a blast at the theater watching it. So it comes in at number ten coming in at number nine. Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast the live action animation film they did a great job with that Emma Watson was fantastic. I just a beautiful film actually brought me to tears in the movie theater. Which is funny because he original cartoon ever brought me to tears from their early ninety's and I watched as a kid but for whatever reason. This new one at ages did alive animation one. Rummy to tears and I don't we just a very good job from them are coming and number eight. M. Night Shyamalan splits. Which shot spoiler alert so if you haven't seen the movie I recommend turning down the volume for about the next. They're need 45 seconds or so. Starting variety now okay so the movies where I've put on the illicit memory because I think is 1 of am nights. Best films he's on a long time he's kinda had this revival all of a sudden we're really got me on this one is I enjoyed it as a standalone film. But the ending twist where you find out this is actually a sequel to unbreakable I thought it was a fantastic touch since split. Common in and number eight. On my list of 4017 films so far top ten list moving on to number seven does Lego Batman movie. What can I say the Lago movies have been absolutely surprise hits to me. A delayed a movie a couple of years ago they came out. What is probably one of the best films to come out that year was one of the best kids films and I side comes Phyllis soccer for kids films like analyze the lot animation films eyes. I'm I'm not about mom or mom just can't I mean that's what I am. That's why I love movies so much because I have fun and I enjoyed watching them so the Lego Batman movie fantastic job they do with that and especially if your Batman fan. And I might be more of the Superman guy but it doesn't mean I don't like pac man it doesn't mean that I'm not about me and stand. And it doesn't mean that I wasn't having a blast that all the jokes from the Adam West bat man's all the way up to even that Nichols from Val Kilmer and Jerry Bruckheimer. So Lego Batman movie coming in and number seven a fun film coming in at number six on my list John wake chapter two got to say. This film. Some we just great action movie. I love the fact that it picks up literally about two weeks after the events of the first film. I mean this story just continues each Jess a continuation of what you do. I haven't seen that really movies. I mean you know you can look at the marvel cinematic universe religious continuing stories throughout and they DCU asserting you do that with the DC comic universe but really since Star Wars the empire strikes back. How might not seen a movie kind of just out we're gonna pick up where we left off and just really continue moving the story forward. So John we chapter to our great sequel comes in at number 6 am I was coming in at number five another sequel. We're gonna head out to the guardians of the galaxy volume two I enjoyed this movie but I didn't enjoy it as much as I do guardians of the galaxy volume one. I consider this kind of a medium middle of the road packed like a marvel film which we've been getting a lot of those lately. And that's not a bad thing because it's still really good movie. Middle of the road marvel films are still some of the best films that you're gonna go out and see some guardians of the galaxy volume to a good film comes in at number five. Coming in at number four. First time director Jordan peels failed to get out the horror movie that I actually gave. Five out of five people sue it's the only tell mom I was an 85 out of five people see you so you may be sitting there saying why is it number one. Let's not number one for a couple reasons. I gave it five out of five meatballs because I thought that it was hands down. One of the best harmonies and I have seen in a long time from beginnings and the suspense the piecing. The shots of the story. Every aspect of it. Was a horror fans stream. Doesn't mean that it was the best movie that I've seen so far the best movie you're going to see it means it's one of the top five films so far. It might have I again I might have given a five out of five meatballs but it doesn't make it the best films so far and I'll explain when I get to number one why. Plate get out a fantastic. Horror film just a fantastic thriller suspense. Might my dad absolutely loved it he's a guy got me into our films. So eating is one of the best horror films are from doing a list of best horror films it's when he seventeen. I don't think anything will match get output in general when recovering action recovering comic book films are recovering everything else. Get out is gonna fall in a number four and coming in at number three is one of those films and I think does a better job that. I didn't give a five meatballs you and I person to review war. But it doesn't mean it's a bad film. And that's Logan. Libyan is absolutely fantastic. Wolverines final go with Hugh Jackman in that in the title character's name it's pretty much a film noir. And a western rolled into one and. It's absolutely agree. A fantastic send off to Hugh Jackman who's been playing this character. Our entire lives. As you may have been watching these X-Men films since X management to expand three all the way up two days of future past. He has been our Wolverine. And this film. As a send off to him and to that character Wolverine was absolutely beautiful. I just a great movie that right now as my number three films so far of the year coming to an economics do. Wonder women Wonder Woman to me. Is what a superhero film should be he takes all the trees that we have come to know in modern superhero films. And enhances it up to another level as well. It's kinda like the first time you saw guardians of the galaxy where he went to theaters and you walked out you went. That is why a comic book movie should be. That is one of them has comic book films I've seen all year and a mile lights. And that's what Wonder Woman lies it's one of the best films you are going to see. As a comic book film and just a fantastic job. From director patty Jenkins from gal to dot as Wonder Woman and this excessive Wonder Woman and how great that story is. Actually has me and I'm sure I you as well more excited for Justice League when it comes out November because you know let's be real here. Wonder Woman was kind of the saving grace for the DC cinematic universe I mean they were struggling after man of steel and after that members of Superman critics were really on board fans were kinda split. This was the film that rock critics and the fans that have been split on the DCU. Back into the fold. Back into the excitement of what comic book film should be. And what we expect our comic book films to be where I think models got a lot to live Nazi with their Spiderman release coming out in about a week. And with store coming out November as well wait a DC's older Mac crown when it comes to comic book films and that's why I Wonder Woman to me his CNET number Tim. And my number one movie. Of 2017. So far is the reason why I waited to the last day of the month of June that six month of the year to do this podcast. I was waiting for this don't come out and how late June released. I was excited for. I saw the other night opening night Tuesday night hacked out theater at regal. BB drive are from anger right the director and co writer Shaun of the dead pop flies worlds and I stop over immerses the world and even as writing credits as well for marvels and man which he was set to direct. But found out marvel cinematic universe doesn't allow a lot of creativity. And expansion beyond what they want. His marvel has a vision. And anger right had a visions and had a lot of creative conflicts so he left the marvel universe but he does are writing credit on hand man but baby Jai ever. Is Edgar Wright's first solo writing project he directed it. And I got to tell you. I have not seen a movie like this. In years I cannot remember the last time I walked into a movie. And. The soundtrack I think he's better than the guardians of the galaxy value Warner volume to quit the usage of the soundtrack to the movie as well this story is fantastic. They chase sequences are fantastic so the action is out of this world the characters are our issues but lovable. Every aspect of this movie just bleeds finding excitement. And what you love when you go to the movies and what you look for in a really good films of baby jogger right now. CNET number one on my top ten list of films into when he seventeen so far so there it is. Where midway through the movie year there are couple films coming out that he got to be excited for it's still got its release in September coming out the remake of Stephen king's classic. He's still got Justice League coming out November along with the war coming out November I mentioned Spiderman a little while ago that comes out next week as well. Hi he got Star Wars the last jet I coming out at the end of the year so there are a lot of good films still on the way I mean Logan walked he's another film. Starring I Channing Tatum and Adam driver that I'm very exciting for an Daniel Craig's and it. Not that I'm very excited for that film. But as of right now the top 1022017. So far according to meet mr. wonderful your trusty move your you man. Is alien covenant Beauty and the Beast split Lago back man. John wake chapter two guardians of the galaxy volume two you. Get out loaded no Wonder Woman and at number one. Baby driver which is how computers right now thanks you know thanks for listening and if you've got a list of the films that you think are the top 10317. If you disagree of my list. If you agree with Miley is if there's something you'd change up if you think I missed. Movie that. Should be on the list do you think I didn't see a movie that you recommend I check out pick me up. Mr. wonderful out. We radio dot com shoot me an email. Or hit me up on Twitter as well at wonderful underscore radio thanks for hanging out with me today Tata tea has again soon the next movie review coming your way is going to be. Be despicable me three. And along with Spiderman homecoming as well so autopsy as soon enjoy. The movie.