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Monday, July 31st


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I. Or. Madison welcome ladies and gentlemen. Through another edition of being mr. wonderful meatball movie podcasts and they were going to be diving into two movies this is a special edition. It's a double meatball movie review that tried to double feature it's kind of like that's Sunday at the movies type deal. I got to see a comment on this past weekend and I also sort of Dunkirk recently as well so we're gonna dive and see the need ball move review for both of these films and wanted to start things off with Dunkirk. I'll which just a number one at the box office again this past weekend beating out the moody movie by. Just a couple millions of dollars over there was a tight race a lot tighter than I anticipated. Especially with all the reviews coming in for the emerging movie being very negative but I had a feeling Dunkirk would retake the number one spot. Because after seeing Dunkirk which came out on July 21 it was in its second week at the box office. I gotta tell you this is. A film back which is visually by inspiring. It was intense from the very opening seconds to the very last seconds of the film. It's just an interesting narrative in the direction that it's taken the way that the stories to hold. Due to force a just kind of do this jumping around type deal but it's not overly jumping around we see things that are occurring in current time there were jumping back to kind of a couple hours earlier throughout the course of the movie. AA reminded me of a couple of other Christopher Nolan films and I was watching it happen like parts of memento to make mixed with the entire back me and surely G so it's kind of no wins best for films that he took and he ended up making this harrowing. Film just taking this story of improbable odds. The French and English Army surround it it. By the enemy on the beaches of Dunkirk and how they were just kind of show wrapped on this beach all of these men they were trying to get home they can see you hold from across the way that's how close they word to England. That that's how close they were to getting home but they couldn't get home because the German army had them from the sky had them from the C had them from the land just surrounding them. And it was just a story of these men and trying to get home and you followed three different parts of the story you have. Had the part of the story with on the beaches where you're following around Harry styles character basically is well see her following Harry styles around. I you were following reaction to this guy with Tom hardy and just kind of this amazing story out of how the British were able to get their boys back home and how the British were able to rescue all of these men there average tracts. And you're stranded. It was unbelievable story. This is story actually didn't even know and I fancy myself someone needs that. Truly loves history and it makes sense that a British director and Christopher Nolan would want to tell this story that not many people know about you know everybody knows about Churchill's famous speech that's red at the end of the movie by one of the soldiers who got home. We don't know. That story that well especially here in America we don't really know that story. I mean my dad I saw the movie to my parents my dad at the end there when I thought that this was about the allied troops in the Americans coming to save them. And I kinda took a step back and was like now this is about the British. Having you basically. Militia. Civilian ships or a lot of yachts went out there a lot of British people. Men and women how dumb their boats and hook into war just. Until late in the war to grab their men and bring their boys back home to into Indy was. Unbelievable. And the way that the film is directed it's an hour and 44 minutes put it is one of the court. Quickest hour 44 minutes it's very short for war film and it heals even shorter because of the peace that the film is that you don't get a second to breathe. And that's the point of it. The point of the way that the films directed in the way that the film has cut together in the wind if that was added in an Hans Zimmer scored to this as well Tim teaming double Christopher Nolan again for another movie score absolutely fantastic job. And he has scored just intensifies. The situations as well where when your in the planes in your following Tom party you're kind of very much on the edgy you're seeing you're going what's gonna happen and when the ships are being sound. You're holding your breath and your hoping in your praying that these men and these women are getting out of the ships and each is done it's such a piece. That you don't have a second to breathe. And it makes you feel like you're in that situation where you camp read where every single second feels like it could be the last second there. So I an incredible movie Dunkirk an amazing story. Is it might give him away from Christopher Nolan. No is it when my top that was from Christopher Nolan absolutely. Absolutely a film I think you need to check out in the movie theaters this again as I said in the beginning it was made for movie theaters it was intended to be seen on the big screen. CU absolutely have to go check this out in theaters. As far as meatballs go. Out of five I give this film for. Out of five meat balls just began a very fantastic film and a great Christopher Nolan film again this guy basically has proven that he can take. Even stories that we are not truly aware of and he can leave that kind of world of the pac man world behind in the interstellar worlds behind and he can tell this historical story. And making it. Something that you are just sitting there and you were just on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the very end cell and a great film recommend checking you out in theaters again this four out of five meatballs again so moving on to the other film I got the C this weekend atomic blonde starring Charlize Karen and all I can say is. Female as kicking at its finest by the same director John wake comes along and just houses incredible story. About as bad ass woman huge as kicks ads. Overseas in the final days leading up to the Berlin Wall coming down over in Germany it was just awesome type of action film. I mean this is I spy film. The whole concept I was talking to a friend about it basically it's like Mission Impossible. All of a sudden where it's there's a list. Of government agents of undercover MI six agents and American spies that are out there it's fallen into the wrong hands we need you. Charlize Darren Joey and kick some ass take some names and recover that ways before it gets out and everybody's compromised. Odd the way this is done is another cool kind of storytelling as well where it starts off where. Basically Charlie's Darren being investigated by an MI six agent and a CIA agent where she's telling the story of what went wrong in this mission in the in the days leading up to the Berlin Wall coming down of everything that happened I James Mack a boy is amazing in this film Charlize Darren is amazing in this film John Goodman for what he does in this film is amazing in this on this. Asia is so strong and so fantastic. Every single inch of the way that they held give this story more life for more momentum and I got the same. As far as action films go as far as spy thrillers go as far as jazz ass kicking winning goes. Charlize is now proven between mad Max were furious out. This film right here that was based off of but when he twelve graphic novel called the coldest city that. I had no idea about I have a feeling that you might not have known about but I know Charlize Darren knew about Nikki she brought up the rights to me. Once he hit shelves like break before you hit shelves back into when told she bought up the rates for me to make a movie outing. But it's just some dead as funds story this is offline action film. This is what we love about action films that there's an actual plot to it. And I'm not eating on the John with films because I love that John Whitfield is at the John Wood film plots are essentially. You killed my dog I'm going to go kill 80000 people by shooting the ball on the had until I get revenge for U killing my dog and stealing my car. This film right here atomic blonde is the same ass kicking action but with that story of espionage with that story of spies. Who's the good spy who's the bad spy who's the double agent is or double agent is there actually engineers are quadruple agent. You don't know. Because there's so much going on and it's not like it's a confusing going on. You're able to follow the old story what is done in such a way that you're not sure who to trust and who to believe. Or you know while watching this is. I need to cheer for Charlize. I cheer for the blonde that's what I do that's all right now is at the bongo is the good girl. An issue really that good girl. You don't really know because again the movie does such a good job at throwing you so many curve balls along the way. That you're able to keep publicly beat you really aren't sure what's happening and that's what's great about a film like this that's what's good about it did spy film when they're able to keep you kind of on the loop the whole time and you're not sure what you're really watching and who to trust in this story now you feel for the characters a little bit more so I fully enjoyed atomic blonde. I love the setting of the film as well in the final days leading up to the Berlin Wall coming down so it's like the final ten days. Of Germany being divided in the east and west Germany. And you just get this whole kind of Soviet Cold War field two days. I and the soundtrack is fantastic. I'll still make the argument that acting baby jogger has the best use of a soundtrack in a movie effort the entire year so far but the Spiderman soundtrack was really get as well guardians are really get as well how does this summer a movie soundtracks because this is the fourth film that I seen that has a soundtrack the that I want to own and I own the guardian soundtrack I own the baby driver when I'm gonna own the atomic want soundtrack. Probably by the end of recording this podcast for you and the Spiderman wine they haven't put out the music. They've put out like the musical scores but they haven't put out like the one that features the Ramones and Katy Perry and all the other music that we use in the Spiderman soundtrack C got to kind of piece that's soundtrack together yourself put. A lot of movies what could soundtracks. This is another one of those films where it has a very rock and roll so I mean you literally are moving from the cure you queen. From scene to scene it's just an. Absolutely great soundtrack that helps move the movie along gives it that weighed eighty Steele early ninety's field today op but again a very good film. This is another movie that after I side I went I think we might be getting a franchise out of this because the legs are there. For the movie to kind of tell another story the way that the film ends as well there's more to this story that can be told there's more to this character that can be told. So I at all. This is a fun. Great action movie. It's got to violence in it's got disoriented it's got a bad answer you need NH he's got a female lead that you want to beat you want to be whipped you also want to be afraid of because she can kill you. We're strangle you to death with nothing but yellow hose while she's wearing high heels and address. I mean. Unbelievable film. It blew my mind I had such a blast at the movies seem as I think you will as well and I give this film. Just like Dunkirk four out of five meatballs a very good film from start to finish. Even when it slows down a little that you don't get those actions that's where you're getting more of the spy stuff Matt a boy and Charlize together on screen are little relief chemistry gold. The way that he brings his character to life this kind of nonchalant. Hi I'm a spy type deal and her very kind of so if I'm gonna murder you and I don't trust you and I'm very Sherry ferry type of character. Just they played off each other so well through the course of the film it's a fun movie and I definitely recommend you checking out today. It's a double feature meatball movie podcast brought to you today. By myself mr. wonderful from the my parents and who show you give me a follow on Twitter at. That wonderful underscore radio also on your mr. Graham how. Nick wonderful. You can shoot me your movie reviews as well if you seen Dunkirk have you seen atomic blonde that you disagree you have more you think that I needed to add to it. She mere reviews at wonderful underscore radio on Twitter. Or through email mr. wonderful at 949 point dot com. I'll tell GI's next week movie review coming your way the dark tower that's the next among going to be checking out. If there's a movie you also think I should check out on Netflix. Hulu red box that I have reviewed yet. Let me now. And I'll check it out and give your review for you as well until next time enjoy the movie.