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Friday, August 11th


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It's. It. He asked welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of them eat borrow movies podcast for today we're going to diving into. Al creation in this sequel tease me Annabel film is out. It is up part of the conjuring universe. I'll have a full review of that movie coming up in just a couple minutes. But I wanted to start today off talking to you about shark in NATO five because shark bit of five came out last weekend yes we're going to dive in the shark out. Take a step back embrace it. Except for what it is but shark meal five came out last Sunday it debuted on the scifi network and I got to tell ya. As somebody who has been a fan of the shark NATO franchise so far I really enjoyed the first one I really enjoyed the second one. I enjoyed the third one I despised. The fourth one and actually. Was very much on the fence when I saw that there are making shark NATO five I was actually on the fence and am I gonna watch this on the big unite. Am I going to skip it do I wanna waste two hours in my life here do I want I kind of hope that they bring it back to the fun that why is those first three films. And I got to tell you if you are on that fence and you decided not to watch shark made a five. You have missed out on a very fine movie. The cameos were fantastic. The over the top and as was right back eighty embraced what it why is in the beginning. Which is something that I think for a franchise and and for a film matches so over the top to begin with and is so off the rails. I felt they started the music midway through. Part three and in the fourth awakens for shark NATO I felt they really lost control written had no idea what was going on and just kind of rude things to the law went. What stride as much drag this month's U this musty that. That I didn't really enjoy the fourth one. That it actually made me almost get the fifth one but again I chose to sit down on Sunday night I chose to watch it and he was two hours of pure joy. Pure entertainment. John Morrissey and formally of the WW he has a cameo Chris content is any fat BO's and it has not hope I mean. He got Fabio as the Pope. That is the perfect casting for any movie that I have witnessed on the scifi channel since shark NATO one. That's on going to set. But not shark NATO flag came out hot very fun movie a hip I have to get it meatballs and to give it three out of five meatballs but that's gonna give. Any of the shark meal film's three ratify because they're just middle of the road. Drama side by mindless entertainment. Made for TV movies that are just kind of supposed to be enjoyable for the tongue in cheek the over the top news. And again that was something that I felt the fourth on lost was it loss that tongue in cheek Lawson over the top fund is and just kind of went without. I don't Odyssey took itself too serious. But it sure I did the bigger than what it needed to be. And I think with the fifth one that they brought it back around they got it back into a kind of that same environment Mets seemed fond that you got from the first three. And that you lost with the fourth one. So sharp nail biting if you missed it it's going to be on scifi network I Saturday this Saturday so tomorrow night if you're listening to the podcast today if you're listening to it. Tomorrow than tonight if you're listening to it on Sunday well and you missed atoms are. So did definitely check out shark made a five to be having. Done it already I'm gonna be re watching it tomorrow night as well on the scifi network at he he am. Now the second thing I wanted to dive into really really fast may be spent about a minute on it before we get to that big Hannah Belle creations review that I have for you. Is there's another show on scifi and I've been watching from the very beginning and I want to talk to you about it since I started watching it. I mentioned it on the air in the mornings with my powers in woo woo. It's a show called blood drive and basically this is a grind house midnight grind house presentation. So they'll. Whole concept of the show is basically. If you ever seen a grind house film. And I'm talking the grind house films. As in the back in the day type of movies those NATO living dads as ones that have these kind of political statements in it but not really that are just over the top. I think a couple years ago when Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez got together and made that. Double feature movie that. I know some of you checked out I know a lot of you kind of skipped when it was in Peter's eyesight three times in theaters can he was just off on over the top kind of four hour ride of you really kind of ridiculous movies mixed gain. With a trailers in the middle of it from some great directors as well I know Rob Zombie get a trailer Edgar Wright did a trailer for that for the in between sequence is. But the show on scifi the blood drive show. Takes place in 1999 distill PI America. Fracking incident has caused America's heartland to split open and and people were afraid a what was inside this. Big split that team in the environment. And one corporation decided to go check it out now back corporation kinda controls the world and has this whole kind of master plan of what they're going to do and it's a very screw we shall. But he keeps you entertained and every episode kinda takes a different feature of things that you love from the horror aspect of things. And I'm guessing your heart fan if you're listening to this episode of them meatball movie podcast inside. It's three are based films that we are talking about out while you are based downs and one Harvey show. It's a very fine very over the top shall. Doesn't take itself seriously tackling the shark meat as when they don't take themselves seriously and they just embrace what they are. And embrace kind of the aspect of what they're trying to be. They really succeed and that's what blood drive dies and I really used to say the test is fantastic as well I mean. It. Christopher. It is a fun show. Each and every week and this past week they get god they did. It was called that chop Saki special where they just embraced those 1990s come fu films that you used to watch and that you really loved. And you know the whole concept grace displays in new found come from scale. Up but Arthurs embarking on a vision quest. It's all this craziness that's going on and I gotta say after nine episodes I'm fully onboard with dish out. If you haven't checked out they show yet or you think you might be crazy because I mean the main concept of it is. Basically they're feeding humans are cars in a massive. Brace it to death rates across America has Hartley and out but it's a fun show if you haven't checked it out recommend checking it out scifi dot com you can catch up. As well but right now wanna dive into it he big review that I know is why you're tuning in and Abdel creation. Is now out in theaters and I got to tell you I saw this movie last night 7 PM with some friends as a birthday movie. I walked out of that. Here. App so lute he terrified this movie was ha. This movie by far was one of the scariest films I've seen probably since the conjuring to last summer. And if it's very very well in Mac conjuring universe I know the reviews have been saying this is not conjuring universe down this is a very good our movie. They are 100. Per cent correct. This film is everything that you as a harsh and loans he does a fantastic job as well. Not giving you Q much and wedding you get into your own head see you create a lot of the scares as well but it's an idea of they're not throwing a hundred things I EU. They're allowing the the tension and suspense to play out where you're getting in your had your going what's gonna happen next will this is probably what's gonna happen where's it gonna come from housing can happen what's gonna. What are we gonna see what are we not gonna see what's. You are getting in your head and you were scaring yourself in hyping yourself out before you even get to this gear and then when the scare com's. It's not what you're expecting. And it may June even more scared so. Fantastic job as welcome David Samberg the director he did lights out and lights that was a film I saw last summer. I reviewed it and I didn't give it a good review because I wasn't a big fan of that movie. But and about creations his follow up his next our film he just did. Big fan when he get with it I love the direction that he took with it I loved the editing of the film I loved the piece of the films I love every aspect of this. You're going to be pleasantly surprised with Annabel creation because you're gonna you're going to be debating on whether or not it might be better than conjuring too. It's definitely better than add about one there's no question I I could produce something that is better than down about one. But the other thing and about creation does is it does a good job at all of a sudden making and about one a better movie than it ever needed to date. So I give it credit for that as well and about creation. There are still some things about at about creations that I really didn't lie eight and that kind of annoyed Mueller will be you know the family knows it something's going on the team IDs people into their home. I just kind of those little dumb things that are always in horror movies that. It's a horror movie troops that are annoying to me so it kind of box itself down slightly. By using those kind of odd troops become accustomed to an art films but all on the whole and about creations might be. Deed that's hard movie we have gotten so far this year and we got a couple really get our films this year. By Annabel creation has a right now is definitely at the top my list. For a horror films of two when he seventeen and again it does it just fits in the conjuring universe really well. There's a lot of little Easter eggs that are your way there's a lot of little hop other things enter your I don't wanna give away too many spoilers and trying to keep it a spoiler free as possible. But if you guys actually would love for me T log give spoilers in these as well or maybe do another. Review so we on the movie with spoilers. Let me know on Twitter at wonderful underscore radio or through email pat mr. wonderful and I'm born and the point dot com. Either way I am trying to do this no no real big spoilers. For and about creations but it doesn't reach just a really fine really enjoyable really suspenseful and very very tense horror film. Op placing these orphans in this home where he had a valid Dolly is. And now with the family that has created the Annabel doll but lost their daughter. Pat on the age of seven in a freak accident and again it does a great job as well this this sequel does a great job as well fitting in that conjuring universe. And has many questioning. Where do I place it do I like to conjuring. And about two and in the country to do I like to conjuring tune the conjuring Warren and then and about creation Israel again about creations better than maybe the conjuring one in the conjuring team is. That's why I'm actually now in my head trying to debate. My three favorite films within the conjuring universe because that is how good this film is it's made it exactly. The way that you would want it made has a horror fan. It does in. You know I got about wind seemed very rushed. This doesn't feel rushed and about one seems like they kind of didn't really know where they wanted to go this one has a clear cut direction on where he is going from the very beginning. To that very area and and I got to tell you the ending of this movie. The final like 25 minutes or so when things are going crazy and starts getting haywire and then even the little twist that they are you at the end. Fantastic. And there and again there are so many little Easter eggs in their chewed the conjuring universe now. That is just do very well died and I don't want to harp on. You know I and again I don't wanna give away too much for you guys by. And about creations very good film very enjoyable soon now to the ratings I give and about creations four out of five meatballs again. Hi there just those little things that it does as a horror film that. All our films seem to kind of always hang on to and cling to you that kind of annoys me. But at about creations as a good job at not sticking to those troops are drastically. Not kind of off following the Annabel. Way that they did things and kind of being able to break off and do its own thing while remaining in the conjuring universe which is what Canada one of wasn't able to do. So our group did film definitely worked to check out I definitely need to see it in theaters. And you definitely need to see with the crowd and I he definitely have to be prepared as well that FTC this down. You might not be doing this week that night. Which again. Is something that the conjuring in the conjuring TJ didn't. And I'm sure did you as well and that's what Annabel creation did meet last night time arm right now about an hour and a half and actual sleep. Peak eyes. That film did scare me and it's gonna scare you as well so thank you for not checking out this little op podcast that we do. That I bring to you each and every week as well. I gonna be checking out some new movies as well I think Logan lucky is the next big films you come out so I'm sure have a review for you on that. Maybe I'll bring you another review for the next episode of the balloon drive off of scifi network. And not any other movie that I happen to stumble across as well how can really quickly before I go if you do you guys he had about you're going to get up for many. I don't wanna call in it trailer are you gonna get up for a minute clip from Stephen king's upcoming film and as somebody who is not a fan of clowns. I gotta tell you. That absolutely. Set my senses into overdrive. So yeah acted that the four minutes of it if you're not a fan of Vienna now one movie I check out and about you creation. And also check out the four minutes. It that they give you before the movie which is kind of really really cool really scary and really terrifying as well so. I'll talk GI's next week didn't give me a follow on the twits that. Hat wonderful underscore radio. Aren't you cannot shoot me any type of tweets with movies you want me to review what you think you got your own review send me your links or you can email me as well mr. wonderful. Point radio dot com talk Diaz next week have a great one and enjoy the movies.